Quick Review: DR Handmade Strings Dragon Skin Acoustic Strings

The Dragon Skins are DR Handmade Strings phosphor bronze strings coated in their K3 technology. These string offer long-lasting performance without compromising the sound of the string from the coating. I installed these strings on a 2017 Taylor 714CE about four months ago and wanted to see how these would hold up to extended playing. Well, they are still going strong, sound great and stay in tune even after two-step bends. They have a rich warm tone with nice good mids, sweet bass and sparkling highs. In comparison to the Taylor specific Elixirs that were on the guitar, the Dragon Skins are slightly fuller sounding ( I was looking for a little more bass out of this guitar).


I really enjoyed the coating of these strings. The strings themselves feel like there is no coating whatsoever. Where Elixirs feel like there is a smooth silkiness to the strings the Dragon Skins feel like a normal un-coated set. Dirt and crime did not build up in the string winds like a set of uncoated strings and a simple whip down after playing have kept the strings looking like new.

 Overall this is a great string that I would recommend to anyone. If you have tried coated string in the past, but you did not like the feel of the strings these are the strings for you.